Migration of Gaming App to AWS 

A gaming startup aimed to change how the sports picking competition is played among the different generation of sports lovers.


  • App hosted in a legacy infrastructure caused high maintenance costs and support
  • Managing rising costs of maintaining the app in a legacy infrastructure
  • Any upgrades to the app was time consuming
  • Lack of monitoring tools created challenge to figure out the issues
  • Performance was always a concern to scale the app


  • Migrated the app from legacy environment to AWS with best practices
  • Established new automated security and compliance processes
  • Seamless migration ensured business continuity to the customer


  • App infrastructure built on the AWS Well-Architected Framework which protects information and assets, supports recovery, scalability and provides observability.
  • Reduced operational costs, accelerated agility, and set a foundation for scaling operations
  • The customer achieved significant performance, efficiency, and cost optimization benefits including:
  • Efficient DevSecOps process
  • High availability and efficient monitoring system
  • Predictable cost estimates for newer workloads
  • Increased digital agility to innovate faster in the cloud
  • Reduced infrastructure TCO by ~ 25%
  • Reduce operational costs by ~ 20%
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