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Cloud DevSecOps Automation

Elevate Security and Speed: Harnessing Cloud DevSecOps Automation for Agile Development

Our DevSecOps automation approach integrates security practices and principles into your entire development cycle, from code review to deployment.

We use automated tools to scan your code for vulnerabilities, and we collaborate with your development, security, and operations teams to ensure that security is always a top priority.

Ryval-X DevSecOps Program

Our DevSecOps approach uses data-driven, event-driven processes to help you identify, evaluate, and respond to potential risks quickly and efficiently. We can also integrate alerts and usage data into your IT service management (ITSM) platform, so you can have a central view of your security posture.

Ryval-X DevSecOps Program

Our Approach to Grow & Scale DevOps Program

We proposes a holistic, human-centred and fit-for-purpose approach to build and expand the DevOps program beyond the in-progress Pilot, tailored to support through delivering exceptional services. Our approach will be supported through several accelerators and will include application of the lessons learned through the Pilot.

The diagram below illustrates the high-level project phases and further detail describing the phase objective, key activities, client inputs, outcomes/deliverables and application of the lessons learned are provided overleaf.

Our approach to Observability & Monitoring


Strategize + Grow + Scale = Secured DevOps Pipeline

Strategic planning is the first step in the process, which continues through growth stages and ends with a scalable and fortified DevOps pipeline that guarantees security at every turn.

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